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ACV Water

ACV Water – a sparkling water based apple cider vinegar drink infused with natural flavours & hibiscus extract.

What is ACV Water and what’s in it?

ACV Water is an apple cider vinegar drink infused with natural flavours & sparkling water. It is a low calorie drink, only containing 6.5 grams of sugar with 2.5% Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) per 250ml – the perfect amount to taste great and take advantage of the benefits of ACV. We only use raw, unfiltered & unpasteurised ACV and it always contains the ‘Mother’. It is a natural pick-me up for your health, with many beneficial active enzymes.

Why ACV?

ACV has been used as a health remedy since the days of Hippocrates and many people believe that it helps with a number of ailments. The most recent studies have shown that it helps to reduce total cholesterol by 13 per cent in healthy people and can help to reduce the amount of sugar going into the bloodstream by 36 per cent.

The Science

ACV contains acetic acid and it is thought that this helps to suppress the activity of enzymes that normally break down starches and complex sugars, enabling them to be more rapidly absorbed by the body. A study in Diabetes Care showed that by consuming 5ml of ACV before eating helped to control blood glucose levels & insulin levels by reducing the Glycemic Index of Foods helping with weight loss & diabetes care.

Where does our ACV come from?

We only ever use organic, British Apples and let these ferment naturally which can take up to 2 years.